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Thank you for participating in the Sodina Project. This site is to honor victims of violence, not just the media sensationalized incidences that we see in the news, but ALL victims of violence <<including those who have died by suicide>>. We are sorry you are here to honor your loved one, but are glad you’ve decided to do so. We understand  that one reason you may share your story with us is to make the general public aware and hope to prevent others from feeling the pain and trauma you have experienced. By sharing your story, you will lend your voice and connect to others who may follow in your footsteps.

Your story will help build empathy and compassion, which we define as action from the empathy one feels toward another. We’d like to understand the light and the promise your loved one possessed and what their passing and memory mean to you, your family, and friends. Our hope is that people, who have not had a similar loss, can begin to grasp the scope, scale and proximity of violence with respect to themselves, their friends, and family. We believe that the general public is largely unaware of how few degrees of separation there are to violence.

Sodina is also requesting information about the events surrounding your loved one’s passing to help fill a gap in information about violent deaths. Your  personal information (name, email and phone number) will be kept private and not shared with anyone without your permission. Our intent is, once your entry is validated, to display a picture of your loved one and the information you want others to know about him or her on the website as a way to convey the human toll, not just the life taken, but the promise they held, the things they enjoyed, and the loss felt by those around them. The non-personal information may eventually be shared on Sodina’s web page and be available as a trusted resource to the general public and to researchers in the hope that this information can help research the contributing causes of violence and to bring effective solutions to reducing violence.

Submitting your story (text, video and or audio) does not automatically mean it will be posted online. For some entries, the Sodina project will need to ensure readability, verify the death to ensure accuracy and may slightly edit entries for length and clarity.  You are consenting to post it at, or any of our related social media channels, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. You are the owner of the story, and if you wish to change a detail or pull the entry from the site, please contact us at [email protected]. We are happy to have you post and share the Sodina produced story elsewhere, but request that you qualify it with “Originally published on

Data in this section will be considered personal and will not be posted. It will not be shared with anyone outside the project unless the person posting the information gives express consent to do so after an inquiry from Sodina. Examples of people who might want to contact you could be researchers or media outlets.

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